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While the standard media image of an attorney almost exclusively centers on an attorney litigating a case in open court before a riveted jury, the reality is that most attorneys do not litigate matters before juries. This is especially true among business litigation lawyers. Few law firms have the capacity and depth to take on a trial when the stakes are high and time is limited. Only a small handful can marry the ability to advocate adeptly in court under such demanding circumstances with exceptional briefing skills. While a cogent opening statement can turn the tide, so too can a well-framed motion during the course of trial.

How much time does JTL need to prepare for a trial?

In order to secure optimal outcomes for clients at trial, an attorney must understand the facts of a case, motivations of the parties involved, and the complexities of legal precedent, better than anyone else in the courtroom. The detailed preparation required to win in court precludes JTL from taking over a case just a few days before trial. However, relying upon years of trial experience and the ability to efficiently understand the complexities of business disputes and translate technical legal jargon into relatable language, JTL attorneys can assume the reigns of most matters set for trial as pressing as 10 days prior to a trial date.

JTL is one of a select few law firms that can provide highly effective trial representation at the eleventh hour. Led by seasoned attorneys with more than 50 trials among them, JTL’s last-minute trial group can quickly evaluate a matter and leverage a client’s existing pretrial preparations, informed by our extensive and diverse experience. When we are brought in to try a case in such a situation, we respect and honor pre-existing attorney-client relationships and cooperate with other legal professionals. We achieve winning results through cooperation, not infighting.

The skills we bring to the table have virtually become a lost art. Since the post-World War II enactment of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (and similar state rules of discovery), many litigators have not learned the art of uncovering and developing evidence and witnesses during trial. Instead, the vast majority of lawyers think that the close of discovery fixes the evidence. At JTL, we strongly disagree. We have developed key evidence right in the middle of trial, and more often than not, we have been successful in getting the new evidence admitted.

Finally, and most importantly, we have unsurpassed presentation skills. We view our role as storytellers, charged with weaving our clients’ position into a compelling narrative of law and fact. Our opening statements and closing arguments appeal to both the heart and mind. Further, we have devastated adverse witnesses on cold-cross. When a case is at a crossroads, we have what it takes to step in and transform the core story and, through this, the final outcome.

What specific skills allow JTL attorneys to succeed at trial on short notice? 

Our attorneys have secured an impressive reputation for trial success with both peers and opposing counsel through a combination of experience, high level presentation, and meticulous research. There is no substitute for experience, and JTL attorneys have litigated over 60 jury and bench trials throughout Georgia and California. JTL’s approach to trial preparation focuses on building a common sense case. JTL attorneys understand that the end of discovery does not mean the end of evidence gathering. We never stop the process of supplementing the universe of understood facts by continuing to reach out to potential witnesses and and unearthing critical evidence throughout the life of a matter. 

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