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Our Areas of Expertise

What types of cases do you handle?

If a business is involved in a lawsuit, we can handle it. We have represented dozens of companies in many kinds of litigation. Here is a list of some types of cases we have handled:

Labor law disputes

Business divorces

Partnership disputes

Business formation disputes

Business dissolutions

Business torts and fraud claims

Construction disputes

Professional malpractice disputes

Premises liability

Breach of contract claims

Georgia Fair Business Practices Act claims

Employment discrimination claims

Revocation of acceptance claims

Rescission of contract claims

General contractor suits

Specific performance claims

Counterfeit products liability claims

Securities investigation and litigation

What specific skills allow JTL attorneys to succeed at trial? 

Our attorneys have secured an impressive reputation for trial success with both peers and opposing counsel through a combination of experience, high level presentation, and meticulous research. There is no substitute for experience, and JTL attorneys have litigated over 60 jury and bench trials throughout Georgia and California. JTL’s approach to trial preparation focuses on building a common sense case. JTL attorneys understand that the end of discovery does not mean the end of evidence gathering. We never stop the process of supplementing the universe of understood facts by continuing to reach out to potential witnesses and and unearthing critical evidence throughout the life of a matter. 

Where do you handle cases?

Our attorneys are admitted in all trial courts in Georgia and California. We also practice in Federal Court. If your business has a lawsuit in any of these places, we can help.

Los Angeles

Give us a call. 

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